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Humor - 5 / 12 / 2002
    mastery of the agents that inhibit life
    intermission to Greek ritual
    Plautine play - Plautus [Roman]
        A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum [movie]
            combines two Plautine plays
    Atellian farces - burlesques myth, legend, & ordinary life
    Dorian & Roman mimes
    Commedia Dell' Arte
        zanni - clowns
        husband vs wife, youth vs age
        the old man, the braggart captain, the lovers, the doctor, the venal priest
        the servant, the fool, the shrew
        medieval blackface
            a devil
    beast mummery
    Feast of Fools
        Lord of Misrule / King of Fools
    May Festival
    wooing & nuptial revels
        shivaree - charivari [Fr] probably from a Latin word meaning headache
medicine shows
    mountebank [Italian]
        monta im banco - one gets up onto the bench
    quack doctor
        short for quacksalver [Dutch] - to boast, to salve
    low pitchman
        tripes & keister - tripod and satchel displaycase
    patent medicine shows
        the quack doctor / high pitchman
        musician, acrobat, juggler, magician, mind reader, sharpshooter
        mostly oral tradition
        blackface commedian
Eris Discordia [Greek]
        Principia Discordia [see Zen]
Sufi teaching stories
Buffo: The Genius of Vulgar Comedy - Anthony Caputi
Principia Discordia - Robert Anton Wilson
Step Right Up - Brooks McNamara
Tales of the Dervishes - Idries Shah

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