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Zen - 5 / 11 / 2002
not tied to Buddhism
distrust of "books" and "learning"
emphasis on experience
methods of instruction
    A) verbal
        1) paradox: a is a & a is not a
        2) going beyond opposites: a & not a & both & neither
        3) contradiction: sometimes yes & sometimes no
        4) affirmation: giving a correct answer that belongs to another question
        5) repetition: echoing
        6) exclaimation: uttering nonsense syllables
        7) silence:
        8) waiting: answering later
    B) direct
        1) action
            a) executed once & for all times
            b) without hesitation
            c) without intellection
            d) no corrects permissable or possible
        2) experience
    C] koans
        1) question & answer
        2) experience & intuition
        3) short out the discriminating intellect
no mind
view-points on glass of water
    optimist - half full
    pessimist - half empty
    Zen - completely full, half water / half air
        seeing without expectation
        seeing "what is there"
The Zen Doctrine of No Mind - D. T. Suzuki
Zen to Go - Jon Winokur
Zen Without Zen Masters - Camden Benares

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