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Table of ContentsHistory of WiccaApplied Psychology

History of Wicca - Applied Psychology - 5 / 12 / 2002
  applied psychology
con men
modern Christian heresies
    modern Satanism
        Gothic Satanism
                Catholic Church
                Christian heresies
    modern Gothic Witchcraft
        Gothic Witchcraft
            secular authorities
                Catholic Church
                Christian heresies
The Church of Satan
    Walpurgis Night 1966
    Anton Szander Levey
        Blanche Barton
The Church of Set
chaos magic
    power from breaking tabus
the satanist scare
    Montague Summers
        posed as catholic clergyman
        witch as satanist
    Dennis Wheatley
        had a hero-rapist in several of his books
        satanists as communists
    Rollo Ahmed
        repeated Summer's view
        Dennis Wheatley got him his book contract
    Robert Fabian
        "satanic cult expert"
        "Fabian of the Yard"
        total lack of evidence
The Black Art - Rollo Ahmed
History of Witchcraft - Montague Summers
The Satanic Bible - Anton Szander Levey
The Satanic Rituals - ibid
Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend - Jeffrey S. Victor
The Satanic Scare - James T. Richardson, Joel Best, David G. Bromley [editors]
The Secret Life of a Satanist - Blanche Barton

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