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Table of ContentsHistory of Wicca

History of Wicca - 10 / 27 / 2002
modern Wicca & Witchcraft
    American Traditional Wicca - 1970s
        British Traditional Wicca 
            Alexandrian Wicca
                Alex Sanders
                    - 1926 to 1988
                Gardnerian Wicca
                    Gerald B. Gardner
                        - 1884 to 1964
                        retired 1936
                        employed by the government as a rubber plantation inspector in Far East
                        Ancient Order of Druids
                    Doreen Valiente
                        - 1922 to 1999
                        1890s to 1940s
    American Eclectic Wicca - 1970s
        Neopaganism - 1960s to 1970s
            Robert Graves
                - 1895 to 1985
                The White Goddess - 1948
                1890s to 1940s
                    WW 1
    modern Neopaganism
        Neopaganism - 1960s to 1970s
            C.A.W. - 1975
                science fiction
                1890s to 1940s
            Robert Graves
    Radical Faeries
        gay rights movement
    Dianic Wicca - 1970s
        Margaret Murray
        Robert Graves
        Z. Budapest
        Marija Gimbutas
        feminism - 1960s
            Rosie the Riveter - WW2
    family traditions
        midwives & herbalists
            tribal healers
    neoshamanism - 1980s
        Michael Harner
        shamanism [see Shamanism]
    influences on wicca  
The Civilization of the Goddess - Marija Gimbutas
The Language of the Goddess - ibid
The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries - Z. Budapest
The Spiral Dance - Starhawk
The Way of the Shaman - Michael Harner
The White Goddess - Robert Graves
The Witchcult in Western Europe - Margaret Murray
    applied psychology  

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