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Elders - 5 / 11 / 2002
    - indo-european root al-2: to nourish, to grow [AHD3]
    - indo-european root ma-1: good, timely, seasonal [AHD3]
    - belonging equally or shared equally [AHD3]
    - one who has functioned as an adult within their community for, at least, a generation (20 years)
    - a group of people with similar interests, that bring them into regular contact [WD]
    [see common above]
    - time between birth and recognition as a functioning adult within a community [WD]
    - one who has full responsibilites in a community [WD] [see mature above]
modern elders belong to multiple communities
    maintain connections to everyone in their community[ies]
    talk amongst themselves - consensus
    look to the past & the future of the community
    slow to act
    take the long view [7 generations]
    connected to the children of the community
    spiritual leaders
        lead from the front
        lead by example
    [see Leadership]
    reconnect / relink themselves & their community with the sacred
    must be real / must have value
    must have a cost [must be earned]
    recognition by the community of an ability to bear increased responsibility
    a vocation to the individual - a call to the sacred & a quest for it
    to become an elder, one must act like an elder
    a change in community status
        irreversible, except by all elders within a community
    an assumption of more responsibilities
        quardian of community values & traditions
        guardian of myths and rites of community
        repository of the experiences of the community
        mentor & teacher to the community's youth
        arbiter of disputes
        healer / balancer
        mediator at rites of passage
Authentic Leadership: Courage in Action - Robert Terry Ph.D.  

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