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Communication - Commentary
Sysliene T. -
2 / 17 / 2002

Starting with Communication

Starting with Communication is a good idea, even though I believe you may have done that already. It differentiates from other Wicca books in that we have to be able to communicate before we can enter into a discussion about something that has so many different aspects and is interpreted so personally by the people involved.

Discussing elements of Wicca is rather like playing charades with small children. In their acting out they don't used perceived universal meanings, rather they use their egocentric meanings. i.e. They expect you to know what they mean from their actions, because everyone knows that when they flap their arms so, that they mean they are a cloud, whereas we would (because we have enough experience or we are so narrow in our thinking) "know" that it is a bird that they playing at.

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