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Aaron Kipnis's Books - 2 / 23 / 2002

Knights Without Armor:
A Practical Guide for Men in Quest of Masculine Soul

by Aaron R. Kipnis, Ph.D.

Publisher's Synopsis:

This book is considered by many to be one of the more seminal books about men and masculinity, one that bridges many different perspectives in the "men's movements" of the last decade. Knights Without Armor provides real-life practical ideas for the men who are re-examining their traditional roles, and takes a thoughtful, well researched look at the historical myths and contemporary social conditions that define men's lives.

Something is stirring in the hearts of American men. Many feel angry and trapped by restrictive roles and jobs that just don't fit. They long for more authenticity and meaningful, impassioned relationships. Others are beginning to speak about their grief, their confusion, and their unrealized dreams. Many are seeking new ways to express what it means to be a man in our time. Knights Without Armor is a book for all those men—and the women who care about them. It begins as an insider's description of a men's group that started as a poker game and ended in discoveries that radically changed the players' lives. In their group, the "knights" discuss breaking out of old stereotypes of masculinity; healing father-son relationships; tending men's wounds and facing oppression; creating better partnerships with women and families; overcoming alcoholism and other addictions; accessing male archetypes; how to organize support groups; and how to better advocate on behalf of men and boys.

302 pages—ISBN: 0-87477-704-6
© 1991 Aaron Kipnis, Ph.D.
from Jeremy P. Tarcher

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