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shizen (Nature) – 06 / 24 / 2014
shizen しぜん 自然
shi (oneself)
zen (sort of thing, so)

❖ (nature)
dai-shizen だいしぜん 大自然
dai (large, big, great)
shi (oneself)
zen (sort of thing, so)

❖ (great nature)
❖ Includes the stars and planets as well as the earth and its natural order
shizensûhai しぜんすうはい 自然崇拝
shi (oneself)
zen (sort of thing, so)
shizen (nature)
sû (adore, respect, revere, worship)
hai (worship, adore, pray to)

❖ (nature worship)
seireishinkô せいれいしんこう 精霊信仰
sei (refined, ghost, fairy, energy, vitality, semen, excellence, purity, skill)
rei (spirits, soul)
shin (faith, truth, fidelity, trust)
kô (respect, rever)
shinkô (religious faith, belief, creed)

❖ (animism)
❖ Sacred energy found in objects, places and animals in nature
Love of nature – An aesthetic sense
kannagara-no-michi かんながら
kan- (kami)
nagara (as long ago)
no (possessive particle)
michi (way, path, teachings, the way of proper conduct)

❖ (the way in accordance with the will of the kami)
❖ Humans and kami are all subject to the laws that govern the natural order
Nature is sacred – Contact with kami thru nature
shihôhai しほうはい 四方拝
shi (four)
hô (direction)
hai (worship, adore, pray to)

❖ Ritual of showing reverence to nature by bowing to the four directions: higashi, minami, nishi, and kita
❖ See shijinsô-ô

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