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tsukumogami (Artifact Spirits) – 06 / 24 / 2016
tsukumogami つくもがみ 付喪神
tsu.ku (adhere, append, attach, refer to)
mo (mourning)
gami | kami (that which inspires feelings of reverence, awe, gratitude, fear/terror)

❖ (artifact spirit)
❖ Items or artifacts that have reached their 100th birthday and thus become alive and aware
abumi-guchi あぶみぐち 鐙口
abumi (stirrup)
guchi (mouth)

❖ Small furry creature with a mouth like a stirrup
❖ Also called abumi-kuchi
abumi-kuchi あぶみくち 鐙口
abumi (stirrup)
kuchi (mouth)
bake-zôri ばけぞうり 化け草履 (change, take the form of, influence, enchant)
zô | sô (grass, weeds, herbs)
ri (footgear, shoes, boots)
zôri (straw sandals)

❖ A discarded staw sandal that come alive at night and runs through the house chanting
biwa-bokuboku びわぼくぼく 琵琶牧牧
bi (glissando on strings, lute)
wa | ha (lute)
biwa (Japanese short-necked fretted lute)
boku (breed, care for, shepherd, feed, pasture)

❖ Also called biwa-yanagi, biwa-burabura
biwa-yanagi びわやなぎ 琵琶柳
biwa-burabura びわぶらぶら 琵琶ぶらぶら
bi (glissando on strings, lute)
wa | ha (lute)
biwa (Japanese short-necked fretted lute)
yanagi (willow, slim)

bi (glissando on strings, lute)
wa | ha (lute)
biwa (Japanese short-necked fretted lute)
bura-bura (onomatopoeic or mimetic word – strolling, rambling, roaming, wandering)
chôchin-obake ちょうちんおばけ 提灯御化け
chô (take along, carry in hand)
chin | hi (lamp, a light)
o (honorable) (change, take the form of, influence, enchant)

❖ (Japanese paper lantern built on a spiral of bamboo)
furu-utsubo ふるうつぼ 古空穂
furu (old)
utsu (empty, void, vacant)
bo | ho (ear)

❖ (old quiver of arrows)
ichiren-bôzu いちれんぼうず 一連坊主
ichi (one)
ren (join, connect)
ichiren (chain)
bô (priest, boy)
zu (master, chief)
bôzu (Buddhist priest)

❖ Heroic prayer-bead tsukumogami from the otogizôshi (companion tales)
❖ Also called ichiren-bonze
ichiren-bonze いちれんぼんぜ 一連凡僧
ichi (one)
ren (join, connect)
ichiren (chain)
bon (mediocre, ordinary)
ze | zô | sô (Buddhist priest, monk)
bonze | bonzô (ordinary Buddhist priest or monk)
ittan-momen いったんもめん 一反木綿
it (one)
tan (variable measure of fabric - at least 10 meters for kimonos)
ittan (10 meters)
mo (tree, wood)
men (cotton)
momen (cotton)

❖ (roll of cotton)
jatai じゃたい 蛇帯
ja (serpent, snake)
tai (sash, belt, obi)
jatai (cloth draped from folding screen)

❖ (snake obi)
❖ An animated obi that hunts and strangles men
kasa obake かさおばけ 傘御化け
kasa (umbrella)
o (honorable) (change, take the form of, influence, enchant)

❖ (Also called karakasa obake
karakasa obake からかさおばけ 唐傘お化け
kara (China)
kasa (umbrella)
karakasa (paper umbrella)
o (honorable) (change, take the form of, influence, enchant)
kyôrinrin きょうりんりん 経凛凛
kyô (scroll, sutra)
rin (dignified)
rinrin(commanding, awe inspiring)

❖ (scroll and paper)
morinji-no-okama もりんじのおかま 茂林寺の御竈
mo (overgrown, grow thick, be luxuriant)
rin (grove, forest)
ji (Buddhist temple)
no (possessive particle)
o (honorable)
kama (hearth, kitchen stove)
okama (pot, tea kettle)

❖ (tea kettle of morinji)
shiro-uneri しろうねり 白容裔
shiro (white)
u | you (form, looks)
neri | ei (descendant, border)
uneri (wave motion, undulation, winding)

❖ (Literally: white undulation – thrown away, useless mosquito netting; or dust cloth)
ungaikyô うんがいきょう 雲外鏡
un (cloud)
gai (outside of, not covered by)
kyô (mirror, speculum)

❖ (unclouded mirror)
❖ Mirror that contains a yôkai
❖ A mirror used to find yôkai, that has reflected so much evil that it becomes a yôkai
yamaoroshi やまおろし 山颪
yama (mountain)
oroshi (wind from mountains)

❖ A pun on (o.roshi - grater) or (yama-a.rashi - porcupine)

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