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Table of ContentsValue Systems

Value Systems - 1 / 12 / 2003
ethics - external
    interaction between people
    mutally agreed upon rules
morals - internal
    your value system
    everyone has one
good / virtue
bad / vice / evil / sin
balance - the center point [seesaw]
game theory
    zero sum - winners & losers
    reciprocity - multiple continuing interactions
    1] memory - if the last interaction caused a win repeat it else change strategy
    2] generous tit-for-tat
    3] tit-for-two-tats
    4] tit-for-tat
dharma - cosmic law / moral law / inescapable fate
    black vs white
    non-Aristotelian - includes shades of gray, colors & non-colors
circular vs linear - inclusive vs exclusive
transmission of cultural values
    implicit - assumptions about the basic structure of the world
    explicit - laws, traditions, customs
natural law / universal ethics
relativism vs universalism
    the one & the many
    pluralism / diversity
        diversity of perspective
    the problem with diversity is unity
    each has unique experiences
    intergenerational differences
    - needed for definition of self
justice / fairness
        - balance of power
        inclusion & exclusion
developing ethical principles
    primary requirement—authenticity
        true—abstract & real—concrete
            in yourself & in the world
        presupposed in human action
        a prerequisite in a viable future
    show up—with your baggage 
        be willing to engage
        it's okay to show up—dwelling
    freedom—options & choices
    justice / fairness
        all equal—equality
        equity—proportional justice
    participation—claim it
    attend to each other
        journey together / from them to we
        caring / not curing
            stand with forgiveness
                being open to newness while remembering
    responsibility—own your share
Ethics for the Twenty First Century and Beyond [tape] - Dr Robert Terry
Satanic Panic: The Creation of a Contemporary Legend - Jeffrey S. Victor
The Satanic Scare - James T. Richardson, Joel Best, David G. Bromley [editors]

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