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Table of ContentsSoul / Spirit

Soul / Spirit - 12 / 13 / 2003
    - the animating and vital principle in human beings,
        credited with the faculties of thought, action, and emotion
        and often conceived as an immaterial entity. [AHD3]
    modern Western culture
    belief in a spiritual body that is separable or separate from the physical body
        human beings
    personal survival
        thought processes
    Manes / Mani
            mind = good / body = bad
    - the vital principle or animating force within living beings [AHD3]
        all living beings
    - a being inhabiting or embodying a particular place, object, or natural phenomenon [AHD3]
    the animating force
        - attribution of conscious life to natural objects or to nature itself [AHD3]
        - belief in the existence of spiritual beings that are separable or separate from bodies [AHD3]
        - an immaterial force that animates the universe [AHD3]
        hunter / gatherer cultures
        tribal cultures
        unity and multiplicity
group soul (spirit)
    species soul
    the master soul
    bear, salmon, eagle
rule of distance
    the further from the center of the home, the more malevolent the spirit
spirits of place
    genius loci / numem [Roman]
        presiding spirit of a place / creative energy
    domestic spirits
        connected to the house / home
            syen - guardian spirit(s) of the home [Slavic]
            bannik - washhouse [Slavic]
            domovoi - house [Slavic]
    agrarian spirits
        connected to agriculture / farming
            dvorovoi - yard [Slavic]
            polevik - field [Slavic]
            ovinnik - threshing barn [Slavic]
    wilderness spirits (nature spirits)
        connected to the untamed countryside
            leshy - forest [Slavic]
            metsik - woods [Slavic]
            vodyanoi - water [Slavic]
protective spirits
    guardian spirits
        connected to a location or a person
    martial spirits
        connected to war / defense
    prognostic spirits
        connected to fate / fortune
            not always good
    genius [Roman]
        - literally, begetter
        - a man's guardian spirit
    iuno / juno [Roman] 
        - a woman's guardian spirit
        - corresponds to the genius
    lares familiares [Roman] - household spirits / guardian spirits
spirits of the dead
    ancestral spirits
        connected to the cult of the ancestors
    ancestors / elders
        the helpful dead [if they aren't offended]
        age & experience equates to power
            the livings' memory of the dead
                the more recent, the more individualistic
    the divine dead
        semi-deification / conflation with mythological figures
    manes [Roman] - ancestoral
        Indo-European - ma1 - good / timely / seasonal [mature] [AHD3]
spirits of a craft/occupation/process
    smithing - Weyland Smith
    weaving / spinning
good spirits
    daemon - lesser deity / semi-divine hero
    eudemon - good spirit
neutral spirits
    indifferent to mankinds' suffering
    celestial spirits
        connected to the sky / heavens
        sun / moon / sky / planets / comets
    chthonic spirits
        connected to the earth
        earth mother / dwarves
    elemental spirits
        connected to forces / energies
        thunder / lightning / storms
    temporal spirits
        connected to a specific time
        solstices / equinoxes
evil spirits
    malefic spirits
        destructive / harmful
        murder victims
    rusalka [Slavic] - drowning victims
    lemures [Roman] - the angry dead
    demonic - evil spirit
    affective spirits
        connected to emotional states
        depression / fear
    necrotic spirits
        connected to death
        preside over thte underworld
    the undead
        ghosts, vampires, things that go bump in the night
spirit possession
    divine - loa
    trance medium
        submergence of possessed's identity
soul sickness
    loss / injury [see Shamanism]
        disassociation [see Psychology]
    contamination [see Systems of Purity]
death [see Death, Dying & Grief]
    survival after death
        the angry / restless dead
            jealous of the living
        shade - remainder / echo
        shadow - vestige / remainder / left over
        lych / lich - corspe / body / form
    the after-life
        Heaven / Purgatory / Hell
            reward / pentinence / punishment
        Elysium / Hades
            abode of the blessed dead / abode of the shades of the dead
        Vahalla / Niflhel or Niflheim
            Odin / Hel
            hall for the (heroically) slain / underworld for those dead not killed in battle
        the Blessed Isles
        the West
            Atlantis / Lemuria
        the Summerland
Dictionary of Roman Religion - Lesley Adkins, Roy A. Adkins
The Slavic Spirit Master List - Volkhvy
    download—The Slavic Spirit Master List

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