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Our community consists of anyone dedicated to exploring physically and psychologically healthy alternatives to the modern Western mainstream life-style.
  • We're passionate about the concept
  • We're not "married" to the content
  • We're open to change
This material is atraditional while supporting tradition

What to expect from the MEP
  • Study Circle format
  • Provides a paradigm
    • A set of assumptions, concepts, values, & practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them [AHD3]
  • Provides experience working in the paradigm
  • We're facilitators not experts
  • We're equals
  • Sharing knowledge & experience
  • Community format: Learning Circle / Talking Circle
The facilitators are also paying the fees
  • Any fees collected go the School of Sacred Paths, to cover operating expenses
  • Room rental
  • Promotional - printing, handling, postal
  • Equipment
What do we get out of this?
Increased awareness of:
  • our implicit values & "rules."
  • the relationships between individuals within a community.
  • our spirituality & our relationship with the sacred.
  • our place & function within the universe.
Cost beyond the fee
  • Time
  • Resource materials - books, CDs, tapes, DVDs, on-line fees
  • Obligation to pass it on
In participating, you have an obligation:
  • to adapt it to your community's values. (Use what you find useful and discard the rest.)
  • to use this information to promote healthful growth of and within your community.
  • to pass it on to the next generation.
Intentional community
  • Everyone is equal
  • An hour of your life is worth an hour of my life, and vice versa
  • Everyone is expected to become an adult
  • Accepting responsiblity
  • Abiding by the standards & values of the community
  • Every adult is expected to become an elder
  • Every elder is expected to pass on their experience
  • Elders are not expected to fulfill all possible functions of an elder
  • Everyone has an obligation to return the energy they have received from their community
  • Diversity is supported, while maintaining commonality
    • Survival
    • Long-term viability
For change to occur an individual or a group:
  • needs to be open to change.
  • needs to have clearly define goals.
  • needs an emotional commitment.
  • needs to maintain focus on the goals.
  • Is not 100%
  • Is the great majority (90+ %)
  • Everyone is expected to abide by the consensus, for the good of the community
  • Does not prohibit openly working to change the consensus
Dealing with "troublemakers"
  • Acceptance into the community
  • Withdrawal / non-coercive behavior modification
  • Ostracism
An it Harm None
  • An impossibility
  • Living "softly"
    • An ideal to work towards
    • Take only what you really need
    • Making the smallest possible wave

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