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Mentoring - Book Review - 9 / 22 / 2002

  Deepening Witchcraft:
Advancing Skills and Knowledge

by Grey Cat

table of contents
    Who Are Ye and Whence Do Ye Come?
    The Butterfly of Thought is Disturbed by the Harsh Stone of Reason
        analytical thinking
    In Days of Old, When Knighthood Was in Flower
        history: creation to reformation
    Dancing on the Hilltops
        history: reformation to Gardner
    Wheels, Spirals, Hammers, and Trees
        Neopagan religious philosophy
    I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me
        the Pagan concept of deity
    Go Ye Therefore and Sin No More
        morals and ethics
    Pluck Your Magic Twanger, Froggie
        advanced magic
    Standing Alone in the Center
        designing and leading large group ritual
    Blow the Horns and Call the People Here
        organizing events
    Pathways to the Future
        teaching our religion
    A Community of Like-Minded People
        building community
    Who Am I When I'm By Myself
        personal growth
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