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Mentoring - Book Review - 9 / 22 / 2002

  Beyond the Myths and Magic of Mentoring:
How to Facilitate an Effective Mentoring Process

by Margo Murray

table of contents
    The Mentoring Concept, Benefits, and Pitfalls
        What Mentoring Is—and What It Is Not
        Mentoring at Work in Organizations
        The Upside and Downside for the Organization
        Payoffs and Penalties for the Protege
        The Mentor's Motivation and Concerns
    Facilitated Mentoring—How to Make It Work
        Mentoring Models and Applications
        Assessing Needs and Determining Organizational Readiness
        Structuring the Mentor Role—Qualifications, Recruitment, Selection and Rewards
        Selecting Proteges and Diagnosing Their Development Needs
        Involving the Boss Who Is Not the Mentor
        The Coordination Team—Selection, Training, and Responsibilities
        Negotiating Sound Mentoring Agreements
        Evaluating Mentoring Process Effectiveness
        Gender, Culture, and Relationship Concerns
        Resource: Sources of Instruments for Assessing Growth and Development

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