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Mentoring - Mentor - 9 / 22 / 2002
  the mentor
what is expected of a mentor?
    convey the community's culture to protege
        strategies for accomplishing goals
    provide an open atmosphere for dialogue
        listen and question
        impart leadership skills
        teach specific competencies
        show how to use the system
            to accomplish goals
        give constructive feedback
        evaluate accomplishments
        assist with self-evaluation
    make recommendations
            information that might be valuable to share between mentor and protege
            how to improve the mentor/protege relationship
            suggest books or articles to read and discuss together
        provide non-evaluative support
        encourage risk taking
        build confidence
        praise and demonstrate trust
        offer advice
            provide support and counsel
        assist in reaching goals
        provide networking opportunities
    act as a role model
        exhibit leadership
    act as a companion, ally and co-learner
    know protege
        remember that protege may have limited knowledge and experience
        get to know protege as an individual
        use knowledge of protege's abilities, interests and goals
            as a foundation upon which to build
    be patient
        as you both learn about mentoring
functions of a mentor
    provide a different perspective
    stimulate learning with a no-pressure, self-discover approach
    share experiences
    share their knowledge & experience
    affirm abilities
    teach others to identify their own strengths and weaknesses
    doesn't provide solutions
    asks questions to facilitate thinking
    lets the protege find their own solutions
    mentors are sounding boards
    teach by example
    provide vision and insight
    are good listeners and questioners
    offer encouragement
    remain objective
    build confidence
    keep information that is shared confidential
    act as a role model
    don't act as an all-knowing expert
    provide honest feedback on the proteges developmental needs and strengths
    commit to meeting with the protege on a regular basis
    what one thing should a mentor do more of?
        more feedback
        better availability
        more encouragement
        more understanding
    what one thing should a mentor do less of?
        don't give advice too early
        let me figure things out for myself
    words used most often to describe mentors
benefits of being a mentor
    mentoring is a learning experience
    satisfaction from helping others develop
    satisfaction from giving back to community
    provide role models for those who become future leaders
    mentoring programs are effective in increased retention

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