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Mentoring - Protege - 9 / 22 / 2002
  the protege
future leaders
    someone who has the ability and desire to develop leadership skills
    those who demonstrate leadership capabilities, will have opportunity to use their leadership skills
why mentor future leaders?
    in a growing community, we will need a variety of leadership talents
    good leaders often result from a dedication to developing their skills and talents
    there are many excellent leaders today
    share the wealth of knowledge and experience today's leaders have
what is expected of a protege?
        outline your expectations and how specifically your mentor can help you
        be pro-active and communicate what you would like to get out of the relationship
        take initiative in asking for information or opinions
        discuss what's happened since the last meeting
        discuss if you think you're on the right track
        notify mentor of problems or concerns
    act responsibily
        plan for personal well-being
        respect mentor's time
            be prepared & on time for meetings
            have an agenda
            provide adgenda in advance
                so mentor can think about and prepare to provide information
            express appreciation for mentor's efforts
        maintain confidentiality
    exhibit flexibility
        be open to new ideas
        accept constructive criticism
    demonstrate initiative
        take action on information provided by Mentor
    know your strengths and weaknesses
        related to values you're addressing
    evaluate progress periodically
    understand that this is informal learning
        be patient
        learn from mentor over time
    pass on the Gift of Mentoring
functions of a protege
    be the "driver" of the mentor/protege relationship
    make the initial contact with the mentor
    schedule a convenient time each month to meet
    clearly identify the leadership values they want to focus on
    be prepared to discuss them
    take responsibility for his/her own development and growth
    be open to feedback, including constructive criticism
    be willing to change
    be committed to learn and grow
    give honest feedback to mentor regarding his/her helpfulness
benefits of being a protege
    learn about leadership values from a current leader
    gain from their experiences
    use them as a sounding board
    builds your confidence
    helps you to see how your skills might be used

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