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Leadership - Expansion - 5 / 19 / 2002
  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® & MBTI®
   are registered trademarks of Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.
    (E)xtravert / (I)ntrovert
    external / internal
    outside thrust / inside pull
    blurt it out / keep it in
    width / depth
    work with people / work with ideas
    work with things / work with thoughts
    interaction / concentration
    action / reflection
    do-think-do / think-do-think
    (S)ensing / i(N)tuition
    5 senses / 6th sense
    real / potential
    practical / theoretical
    present / future
    facts / insights
    using skills / learning skills
    utility / newness
    step-by-step / intuitive leaps
    (T)hinking / (F)eeling
    mind / soul
    logical system / value system
    objective / subjective
    justice / mercy
    critique / compliment
    principles / harmony
    reason / empathy
    firm but fair / compassionate
life style
    (j)udgement / (p)erception
    planned / spontaneous
    regulated / flow
    control over / adapt to
    finalized / tentative
    run one's life / let life happen
    set goals / gather information
    decisive / open
    organized / flexible
MBTI Jung Keirsey profile
  NF's - idealists  
ENFj EF(N) teacher actor
INFp IF(N) healer romantic
INFj IN(F) counselor empath
ENFp EN(F) champion reporter
  NT's - rationals  
ENTp EN(T) inventor inventor
INTj IN(T) mastermind analyst
INTp IT(N) architect observer
ENTj ET(N) fieldmarshal pioneer
  Sp's - artisans  
ISFp IF(S) composer peacemaker
ESTp ES(T) promoter conqueror
ESFp ES(F) performer ambassador
ISTp IT(S) operator artisan
  Sj's - guardians  
ESFj EF(S) provider enthusiast
ISTj IS(T) inspector pragmatist
ISFj IS(F) protector guardian
ESTj ET(S) supervisor director

  Maslow's hierarchy of needs / pyramid of existence
    1st) Physiological: to fulfill hunger, thirst, bodily comforts, etc.;
    2nd) Safety/security: to be out of danger;
    3rd) Belonginess and Love: to affiliate with others, be accepted;
    4th) Esteem: to achieve, be competent, gain approval and recognition;
    5th) Cognitive: to know, to understand, and explore;
    6th) Aesthetic: to find symmetry, order, and beauty;
    7th) Self-actualization: to find self-fulfillment and realize one's potential; and
    8th) Transcendence: to help others find self-fulfillment and realize their potential.
    (NOTE: not experimentally verified)

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