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Table of ContentsDivination

Divination - 5 / 12 / 2002
    individualistic interpretation
        associative memory
        experiential based
    "big" dreams
        shamanic journeys
    intuition [see Psychology]
        associative memory
        subconscious process
    trance / visions [see Shamanism]
        altered states of consciousness
portents / signs
    the flight of birds
    the unusual / extraordinary
    - a prediction of the future, made under divine inspiration [American Heritage Dictionary 3]
    non-linearity of nature [see Chaos Theory]
    breaking of established habit patterns
    man as patterning animal
        patterns & the gestalt
        entoptic images
            we make patterns even when we lack stimuli
        patterning in other animals
            raptor shadow recognition in birds
        survival value of patterning
            recognition of the whole from the part
        awareness of time
            cycles & rhythms
    types of information is it most useful for
        self analysis
            the past & the present
            fan shaped future
                difficult to discern the future
                hard to see all the causes leading to the present
    theory of divination - how & why it works
        trigger mechanism for intuition
            associational thinking
        experience is important
        abstract vs concrete images
        dreams, visions, & journeying as "real"
        based on intuition 
        stated within the societal & mythological contexts
    the 3 P's
        Position - location in relation to others
            above / below / right / left / before / behind
        Proximity - distance to others
            near / far
        Pattern - designs of natural or accidental origin
            shapes that are representative of another

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