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Volkhvy Bio - 3 / 24 / 2012

I'm a 61 year old male, high school graduate, with four years of varied technical schooling: in electronics, animation and multimedia. I read extensively (like many Neo-Pagans, my library is a significant factor in the insulation of my house), and am largely self-educated. I currently earn a living as a multimedia and animation designer; creating computer and web-based training courses for adults.

My main experience of Christianity consisted of four weeks of Sunday school class at a local Methodist church, when my parents thought us kids might need some sort of religion. It didn't take, so they pretty much bowed to the inevitable, and I spent most of my childhood running 'wild in the woods'. I stumbled on Neo-Paganism in '66 and spent the next four years looking for place that felt comfortable.

In '70, I discovered Green Egg magazine, and through it the Church of All Worlds. I contributed to their effort for several years. I first appear in print in the #60 Green Egg—page 42.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to the Twin Cities. It was while sharing a house with Isaac Bonewits, that I became interested in the New Reformed Druids of North America. From him, I eventually received ordination as a 3rd Order Druid of the SDNA in '74 (if you can find a copy, I'm listed in The Druid Chronicles).

In '75, I became interested in Wicca, and was initiated as a 1st degree into the Alexandrian Tradition in '76. I helped form the Wiccan Church of Minnesota—WiCoM—in '88, and was the editor of their newsletter for the first three years. Starting in '89, I taught basic Wicca with the Twisted Willow training group for fourteen years.

In '91, I became a shaman the hard way; via a life-threatening illness. It was at that time, Trickster decided to become my "special friend." My life has been interesting, in the Chinese sense of the word, ever since. So unfortunately, as in the song of the same title, "I'm a Wiccan, Shaman, Druid." Really… no, really… and as if that wasn't enough, I'm also interested in Shintôism, Slavic and Germanic Heathenry, the Old Craft, Zen, and Daoism.

Currently, I'm the Kannushi (shrine keeper) of the Minzoku Neo-Shintô Shi-Yaku-Jin-no-Hokora, and help tend the ancestor shrine at the Sacred Paths Center here in the Twin Cities.

I've been working on the mentoring elders project for over nine years now. My experiences are reflected in Neo-Paganism and Wicca 201. It originally started as a set of brief outlines of 17 subjects, and has since expanded to 54 subjects (and it's still growing). I am much indebted to my original protege for helping me to clarify what I'm trying to do. The man has the patience of a Buddha.

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