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Sheberos Bio - 8 / 24 / 2009

I'm a 60 year old female, with a B.S. from the U. of M. in Urban Studies and Sociology. I currently earn a living as a CNA, and as a Reiki Practitioner/Master/Teacher.

I was raised Catholic, but left it in '66 when I discovered I couldn't become a priest. I became interested in alternative religions and investigated several until, in '75, I was introduced to Witchcraft.

In '76, several friends and I formed the coven of Four Winds. While in it, I was initiated into the first two degrees of a Bastard Eclectic tradition. In '80, I received my 3rd Degree from a Gardnerian tradition and hived-off to form the coven Starfire. In '82, I was chosen to fulfill the office of May Queen for the Minnesota Church of the Wicca (MCOW).

In '88, I helped co-found the Wiccan Church of Minnesota (WiCoM), and was recognized as an elder of that organization. The tradition of the office of May Queen was continued in WiCoM and in '89, I was chosen again to fulfill it. In that year, I also became a co-leader and teacher of the Twisted Willow training group, which teaches a basic form of Wicca, and is going strong today. In '91, I co-founded the coven Rockhopper with my significant other: Volkhvy. In '93, I was chosen a third and final time to the office of May Queen for WiCoM. Starting in '95, I edited WiCoM's Newsletter for the next five years.

In '93, I became interested in the Reiki healing technique, and obtained my 1st and 2nd Degree Certification in Usui Reiki. In '98, I obtained my Reiki Advanced Degree Certification, in 2000, my Reiki Master Certification, and in '01, I received the Reiki Teacher Certification. I currently practice, and teach Reiki levels one, two, advanced and master/teacher in a local community college and in several nursing homes though out the Twin Cities area.

In '02, I started working as the Volunteer Coordinator for Earth House.

In my spare time, over the years, I've also had Assertiveness Training, Co-Facilitator Training, Advanced Facilitator Training, Community Leadership Development training, and acted as a group leader for Campfire Girls. (I'm fully qualified to herd cats.)

I believe we can learn to be responsible adults. We each have many gifts to share as we travel our paths. We can choose to create connections with many communities and in the process learn to understand ourselves and each other better.

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