The Villain Name Generator

Let's face it…villains are far more interesting than heros. A hero is merely some guy running around in spandex, spouting tired cliches. A villain on the other hand—while they may be spandex clad—has much more going for them, in terms of emotional depth and psychological richness. They will not allow conventional "thinking" and common "wisdom" to limit their imaginations, for them the sky's the limit, or at the very least the entire planet. And in spite of constant failure—usually due to some super-heroic meddling—they just bounce right back with a yet another insidious plot for world domination.

Small wonder then that you might desire to don the mantle of villainy. Where should you start? The correct choice of name goes a long ways to establishing your villainous identity. Here's a handy little name generator that will help you set just the right tone.


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