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shi-tennô (Four Kings) – 06 / 08 / 2014
shi-tennô してんのう 四天王
shi (four)
ten (heavens, sky)
nô (ruler, king)
tennô (heavenly king)

❖ The four heavenly kings who protect Buddhism from evil with taishaku-ten as the center
❖ Also called gose shitennô
gose shitennô ごせしてんのう 護世四天王
go (safeguard, protect)
se (generation, world, society, public)
shi (four)
ten (heavens, sky)
nô (ruler, king)
tennô (heavenly king)
jikoku-ten じこくてん 持國王
ji (hold, have)
koku (country)
ten (heavens, sky)

❖ Guardian of the Nation
❖ Keeper of the Kingdom
❖ Associations: east, spring, water, strength, blue
kômoku-ten こうもくてん 廣目王
kô (broad, wide, spacious)
moku (eye, look, insight, experience)
ten (heavens, sky)

❖ Lord of Limitless Vision (has third "all-seeing" eye)
❖ Sees through evil
❖ Discerns / punishes badness
❖ Encourages aspirations for enlightenment
❖ Associations: west, fall, metal, awareness, white
tamon-ten たもんてん 多聞王
ta (many, frequent, much)
mon (hear, ask, listen)
ten (heavens, sky)

❖ All-Knowing
❖ Hears all, always listening
❖ Associations: north, winter, earth, wealth, black
❖ Sometimes called bishamon-ten
zôchô-ten ぞうちょうてん 增長王
zô (add to, augment, increase)
chô (long, leader)
ten (heavens, sky)

❖ Lord of Spiritual Growth
❖ One Who Expands Wisdom & Moderation
❖ Associations: south, summer, fire, prosperity, red

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