Submission Guidelines

We have decided to focus on reprinting notable out-of-print works in Paganism, alternative spirituality, and speculative fiction, so we are no longer accepting new MSS (except as noted below). If you requested a submit code before August 13, 2008 we will accept and read your MS. If we like it, we'll publish it.

If you are the copyright holder of an out-of-print Pagan, alternative spirituality, or speculative work, please contact us. We're probably interested in your property.

We are also interested in new scholarly works in Paganism and alternative spirituality, at about the level of Pagan Meditations by Ginette Paris; and MSS that are new annotations of old works, for example, an annotated version of Voyage to Arcturus.

Please read the links below for information about how to submit your work to Stone Dragon Press.

 • Submission FAQ 

 • Submission Instructions 

 • Our Standard "Rich and Famous" Book Contract 

We want to de-mystify the publishing process. We have nothing to gain by hiding anything from you.

If the submission guidelines weren't clear or if you need more information, please  • contact us .